TCO Entry Form

Hemp Weight Range 1000 to 10,000
Dilution Ratio Range 10:1 to 100:1
Electricty Rate in $/kW-hr
Daily Hours of Operation
Ethanol Solvent loss per day 5%-20%
Years to amortize investment over


We have prepared a cash flow analysis model that analyzes what traditional winterization and desolvation costs are compared to the Ecosce process. This excel web application can take user inputs on the primary input assumptions.

Download White Paper

Ecosce Process White Paper

A white paper can be downloaded here describing how Nanofiltration compares to traditional winterization and desolvation. This covers the basics of the technology in the introduction. Following this, the development of the cash flow model is described. This is intended to help users understand the modeling framework followed in determining the cost per gram contribution described in the above web application. Please stay tuned as Ecosce Inc. releases new information about this emerging field and its applications in hemp processing.