Ahmed Shuja

Over the past three years he has been studying the best methods for scaling of the Hemp and cannabis chemical processing industry. Dr. Shuja was issued a patent in 2018 about large scale extraction and drying of hemp. He continues to develop novel methods and developing best practices for the lowest cost per gram manufacturing of cannabinoids.

He continues to develop novel methods and best practices targeting the lowest cost per gram manufacturing of cannabinoids. In January of 2019, Dr. Shuja announced the spin out of Ecosce Inc. from OGZ Holdings with a focus on commercializing room temperature winterization and desolvation. This novel process called the Ecosce process.

Early in his career he worked on materials science research in companies such as Ethicon Endo Surgery for medical device products. Ahmed’s academic experience includes managing leading edge research in MEMS technology funded by NASA and NSF for semiconductor packaging. Prior to obtaining the PhD in EE, Ahmed founded a semiconductor packaging based cooling company, which lead to his tenure as an Innovator as Siemens. During his tenure as a Innovator Ahmed conceptualized a new form of high intensity LED Lighting that lead to a SIEMENS spin out of BritePointe Corp. a high bay lighting company. Ahmed crafted the business plan and was central in the equity financing of these previous ventures. 

Ahmed posses an unusual mixture of deep scientific background and executive leadership necessary to develop the technology and business offerings for the fast-pace cannabis   market. At Ecosce Inc. Ahmed is responsible for guiding product development, engineering and manufacturing.